Winterize Your Garage

Winterize Your Garage

Has it ever felt a little extra chilly inside your garage during the winter? Wish you could keep it a little warmer for your vehicles in there? Sounds like you could use a little direction on how to winterize your garage. We have a list of things to check that will get your organized before any snow falls and temperatures really drop.


The ideal garage would naturally keep cold out and hold warmth inside, but most basic garages are not built this way. If you’d like to find it to be a little less chilly inside your garage, you will want to start by adding insulation to the doors and the walls. Insulation provides a great first defense to keeping the cold out.


Weather Seals

While insulation seems like an obvious choice, you don’t want to miss all the little air leaks either. They may not be so noticeable during the warmer seasons, but it doesn’t take long when temperatures drop to learn you have small leaks. Find some good weather stripping and weather seals for your garage door. Then, spend a little time caulking around all the garage doors and windows. You will be glad you did, and your vehicle will be too.



Speaking of cold air, add outlet and light switch covers throughout your garage to minimize this even more. Jack Frost could be whistling through those small cracks, too. If you have any exposed pipes, do yourself a favor and cover them well. No one wants to find a pipe freezing and bursting in the middle of winter.


Waterproof Floor

Just think of all the snow that will drag in on your boots, sleds, and vehicles. Some of the highway salt can eat away at your concrete. Check into some garage flooring options, especially with waterproof qualities. This can help keep your garage less slick each day and increase the longevity.


Winter Tools

Don’t forget to pull out some of those winter necessities while you reorganize, as you are likely putting away some spring and summer items. Your snow blower may be stuck in the back corner of your garage. Find your shovels and gloves, too. It is never fun to wake up one morning to find you need to scoop your way out, but you can’t seem to find a good scoop shovel.


Give us a call at Overhead Door of Council Bluffs so you can start to winterize your garage the right way, especially if your garage door needs any upgrades. We are here to help!