Warnings Signs of an Unbalanced Garage Door

Does your garage door not look quite right? Does it moan and groan each time you open it? Does it just not seem to be working correctly? The culprit for these issues may be your garage door’s balance. You can use three of your five senses to determine if your door needs professional help. Keep your garage safe, remember these warning signs of an unbalanced garage door.







Obviously, your door is unbalanced if it is crooked when it is closed. This is the worst case scenario for your door. The security of your door is completely compromised. Snow, rodents, and intruders will all be able to access your garage and your home.


It may be harder to notice, but your door can rest flat and still be unbalanced. As your garage door is opening, check to see if it is level as it opens. An uneven door as it opens can mean that your door has issues with its track, balance, or springs.




If your door is noisy when operating, it may be a sign your balance is off as well. Lubrication may be the problem if your door seems to be screeching as it moves. Use low temp grease on the opener’s chain or screw, and a spray lubricant on the springs, hinges, rollers, and tracks. If your door is still noisy after lubrication, call a professional.


A garage door that makes grinding noises usually needs professional care. While a screeching sound may just be your door asking for lubricant, grinding noises call mean far worse for your garage. Even if your door appears balanced, grinding noises may be a sign that your door is failing.



Manual Operation

To probe for garage door issues with your sense of touch, you will first need to disconnect your garage from its motor. Use the manual release on your garage door so that you are operating it, not the motor. Try opening and closing the door on your own. The door should move smoothly and be relatively easy to operate by hand. If it is not, your door is unbalanced.

Self-Closing Door

Your garage door’s overhead tracks can also be unbalanced, not just the vertical tracks. While conducting the “manual operation” test, be sure to test the overhead balance as well. Pull your garage door completely open, so that it is entirely overhead. Slowly release your grip on the garage door. If your door slides downward to close, you have an unbalanced garage door.


It’s not always easy to tell if your garage door needs servicing. With the right maintenance you can prevent many issues, but an unbalanced garage door should be fixed by the professionals at the Overhead Door Company of Council Bluffs.