Value Added with a New Garage Door

Value Added with a New Garage Door

As seasons change, it may be time for a few upgrades at home. Perhaps you’d like something out front with a little more curb appeal and design. Or you could be looking for more security and functionality. Let us show you the value added with a new garage door. At Overhead Door of Council Bluffs we can combine options for your style taste and security needs.


Curb Appeal and Design

Are you at a point where you are putting final touches on the outside of your home? Do you need a stand out piece or something that flows? Your garage door is a large piece that can really add that wow factor or tie in the rest of the design. Curb appeal has an influence on buyer’s cash, and value added with a new garage door can play its part. Plus, a new door with style doesn’t have to lack in security and functionality, either. You can have all three and add value across the board with your investment.


Security Smart

Security is a strong selling point, too. More security means more value, so spending a little extra on a higher quality door can be a smart investment as a homeowner. Even if you aren’t looking to sell, being security smart is wise for the protection of your family and home. Steel reinforced doors are a great option to consider, especially on your garage door as it is likely the largest entryway into your home.


Functionality Upgrades

Maybe added design and security weren’t the first things that came to mind. Would you like to keep it simple but maximize functionality? Buy an electric garage door opener, and we recommend checking out reverse mechanisms, battery backup systems, laser parking mechanisms, and smart phone apps. Each of these options add to garage door safety. A new garage door with an electric opener can add more value than you think.


Whether you are looking for a few new accessories or a brand new garage door, call us at Overhead Door of Council Bluffs today for options and price quotes. Today may be the day to find added value with a new garage door. We are here for all of your garage door needs.