New Year

New Ideas for a New Year

What’s on the agenda for the new year? Are you ready to buy your first house? Are you starting a business? Getting ready to sell and move across town? Or remodel right where you are? If any of these are ringing in with your new year, we might have a few ideas when it comes to your garage and garage door at Overhead Door Company of Council Bluffs™.



Whether you are looking at changing the design for a fresh look or to add some curb appeal for sale purposes, you might be interested to know how a garage door can affect this either way. You can explore several options on our website or stop by some time to see what all we have in stock. We have a few design ideas when it comes to remodeling the inside of your garage, too. Maybe adding a projector for a home theater for Friday night movie night is on your big wish list for the new year. We will share ideas here and there throughout the year for several shed and garage-related projects.



While design ideas may not have been the first thing to come to mind, our history can attest that we have been serving residential and commercial customers in our area for decades. We can help with regular maintenance, Plus, simply giving us a call when anything doesn’t seem right can save you in the long run. We are just a phone call away to help keep your garage doors and openers functioning safely and smoothly all year long. Our trained professionals are here for you.



If you have any big trips planned this year, home security might be on the 2018 budget. The garage may be easy to overlook, but you should look into ways you can protect your investment. Smart phone apps continue to evolve and can be great security tools. You will find they can be handy for the everyday, as well. We can guess your garage may be a regular point of entry into your home. What if you forgot to close it one day? You could receive an alert on your phone with the right app and set up. Be security smart this year.


Our team at Overhead Door Company of Council Bluffs™ will be sharing various tips, ideas, and information throughout the year. Here’s to hoping 2018 is the best year yet! Make those dreams a reality.