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Garage Wish List

Have you ever thought about how your garage would make a great natural extension to your home? Might be nice. It may seem like most people wait their entire lives for their dream garage to become a reality. Wouldn’t it be great to budget and plan, so you can have it before your first child graduates? Believe us, by that point you’ll probably feel a push to make it happen whether you’re ready or not. At Overhead Door Company of Council Bluffs™, we are here to help you find just the right garage door that fits with the items on your wish list.


Favorable Flooring

If your wish list involves space in your garage that feels just as cozy as your family room, flooring is a great place to start. One that has just the right look, but is easy to clean might be just the right combination. If you haven’t heard of epoxy flooring by now, you will want to look into it. Plus, when you do still park your vehicle in the garage this will protect the concrete from any drips of oil, antifreeze, or road grime.


Holding Heat

Perhaps you haven’t finished your garage yet. You’ve found yourself staring at the bare studs. If a warm garage is on your wish list, now is the time to insulate. The higher the R-value of insulation you can squeeze into those walls, the better your garage will hold the heat. Your family will be thankful for the warm escape, and you won’t hear a complaint out of your vehicle either.


Dependable Door

Did you know you could have an insulated garage door, too? Think about all the things you may like to do in your extra space, whether it will be a workshop, exercise area, or movie theater next to your parking spot.  You can use it year round with the proper insulation and setup. Our team at Overhead Door Company of Council Bluffs™ is ready to answer any questions you have on just the right garage door for you.