Garage Flooring 101

So you spent the money on a nice garage. You want it to look nice, but you want to actually be able to use it, right? Think about the floor itself. Are cracks forming? Is it stained? Is it deteriorating? Well, then you need Garage Flooring 101. It may be time to repair, replace or upgrade.


Step One – Functionality

First, think about what you want to use your garage for and why.  Do you simply park your car there? Is your garage a storage unit? Is it your workshop? Are you converting your garage into an extra living space? Or is it a combination? The right garage flooring choice will help with the functionality.


Step Two – Investment

Making your garage floor more functional will require some investment. You can keep it simple and less expensive or a bit more complex and costly. Depending on the durability, style and longevity, the price point will vary.

If you’re after a new look that is cheaper, all you need is some floor paint. There are several textures and colors available made specifically for garage floors. All it takes is a few simple coats any hands-on person is sure to enjoy.

For a little more, consider garage floor coverings. On the simple end, you could add some garage floor mats for functionality and ease. If you want more durability, you can look for easy to clean garage floor tiles in all sorts of colors. Plus, tiles are easy to install and tend to keep moisture related issues at bay.


Step Three – Installation

If you have made your choice, then you are ready to prep and install. Is the weather forecast looking cooperative? Have you set aside enough time? Don’t forget to find a safe place to keep your belongings while redoing your garage floor.

Prep your garage floor by cleaning and removing any oil stains or debris, then by filling any cracks or imperfections with epoxy. Before going any further do a moisture and sealant test, and fix any issues that may arise.

Are you ready to paint or lay tile? Work in an L-shape pattern until complete. When painting, apply with a roller brush and allow 24-hours between coats for drying. Always finish with the appropriate epoxy shield or gloss.


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