wish list

Garage Wish List

Have you ever thought about how your garage would make a great natural extension to your home? Might be nice. It may seem like most people wait their entire lives for their dream garage to become a reality. Wouldn’t it be great to budget and plan, so you can have it before your first child graduates? Believe us, by that point you’ll probably feel a push to make it happen whether you’re ready or not. At Overhead Door Company of Council Bluffs™, we are here to help you find just the right garage door that fits with the items on your wish list.

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New Year

New Ideas for a New Year

What’s on the agenda for the new year? Are you ready to buy your first house? Are you starting a business? Getting ready to sell and move across town? Or remodel right where you are? If any of these are ringing in with your new year, we might have a few ideas when it comes to your garage and garage door at Overhead Door Company of Council Bluffs™.

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Garage Flooring 101

So you spent the money on a nice garage. You want it to look nice, but you want to actually be able to use it, right? Think about the floor itself. Are cracks forming? Is it stained? Is it deteriorating? Well, then you need Garage Flooring 101. It may be time to repair, replace or upgrade.
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Innovations in Garage Door Safety

Your home is your sanctuary, and at Overhead Door of Council Bluffs, we intend to keep it that way. When it comes to securing your home, it is important to ensure that its largest entry point is extra secure. Read more