10 Tips to help keep criminals from breaking into your garage

Can a thief open your garage door?

Unfortunately, yes.

What can you do to help keep a thief out?

These 10 tips can help you stay one step ahead of anyone trying to break into your garage or home. Your safety is vitally important. The items you store in your garage are significant and valuable. Sadly, people come up with new ways to break the law all of the time. Stay informed and never underestimate a criminal.

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Garage Doors are the #1 Upscale Project for Homeowners

Spring is here and the temperature is rising. With that, home improvement projects are on a lot of people’s minds.

A new 2017 Cost vs. Value Report indicated that upgrading your garage door delivered an estimated value at home resale of just under $3,000. The study indicated an 85% return on investment, making it the number one upscale project for 2017. Not only does a beautiful new garage add curb appeal, it also gives value back to the home.

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